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Un unprecedented drinklist.

The cocktail bar welcomes clients from the aperitif to the after-dinner and serves its proposal both in the inner spaces and the outer dehor and garden, offering the possibility to match the dinner menu to a selection of drinks.

The unprecedented drinklist comes from the innovative idea of adding haute cuisine’s ingrediens and cooking techniques to the classic mixology.

Young barmaid Yasmine Montesano leads the staff of the cocktail bar, while the guests become curious and passionate about a drink to enjoy in an exclusive yet informal atmosphere.

The drinklist gets renewed on a seasonal basis with new cocktails as well as revisitations of great classics.


Tequila, rose and timut pepper beer,lemon, agave honey, crusco pepper.

Thai Boxer

Rum, coconut milk, coriander, mint, basil, papaya and white pepper soda.

South side

Gin, peach tree, grapefruit. lemon, sugar, mint, dill’s air.

Beat from the roots

Mezcal, spicy honey, spiced beet, pineapple mustard, lime.